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October 27, 2013

Sassy Sunday


Be Fashionable

         Orange peplum

Embrace Individuality

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Stay Classy

If we all understood that everyone has their own battles to fight, insecurities to face, loves to contend, and goals to attain, the world would be a gentler place. -unknown

Treat Yourself

I came across this magazine as I was buying gatorade for my post-workout drink and chocolate covered raisins to satisfy my sweet-tooth. I typically do not purchase magazines, because the articles are not always mentally fulfilling. However, the photography makes for great inspiration. This magazine has articles pertaining to woman who are still feminine and putting their mark in the business world. 

The article that resinated with me the most titled, Girl Power, written by Hollie Deese is about why it is important to stay connected with your best friend. This relationship is special because it is the one person who has seen you grow and develop in the various stages of your life. I am very fortunate to have more than one best friend. These ladies inspire me to be better, improve my emotional well-being, and have absolutely beautiful souls.

Women in business is a wonderful thing to embrace and so are the special bonds we create. 

Until next time,

Here's to always being your B.E.S.T!

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