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August 29, 2011

Family road trip and finding clarity

I had the opportunity to go on a family road trip this weekend. We headed to Mesa, AZ to see people that are dedicated to their health and fitness. Although, this was not the first fitness competition I have attended, I am still amazed every time!

Packing is always exciting, but I find unpacking to be a little cumbersome.
Items: pink and green polka dot duffle bag, orange reptile-scale purse, and Victoria's Secret PINK water bottle.

The trip was close to six hours. I found eating fruit-shaped lollipops as a good way to pass time, while listening to the car Ipod. I think it's good to travel in order to get away from the everyday hustle.

Made it to Arizona. At a rest stop wearing a graphic tee-shirt and gold-tinted aviators.Flying on an airplane would have been faster, but you can't see this from the plane:

Fraggle Rock!

Another thing that is exciting about new places are new food choices. I finally had the opportunity to try an In-n-Out Burger. Yummmm....delicious.

If you couldn't already guess, I was not a competitor in the competition. :) Of the female bodybuilders, one woman was 70 years old. She looked like she was in her forties and happy as ever.

Inspiration can be found anywhere. This time I found it along with some clarity on this southern dusty road trip. Now, back in the Land of Enchantment, it's time to get busy working on my personal goals.

Ah, I almost forgot to share! I started the trip with a lollipop, so I had to end with one too. Ever had a strawberry scorpion sucker?  

As always, thank you for reading.

Here's to always being your BEST!

August 10, 2011

Crafty Corner: DIY watch adjusting

I am all about DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. I bought a metal watch that said on the label "adjustable." I took that to mean that I would be able to tighten the band with a metal clasp.

Well, the label was right. The watch was adjustable, you just have to take out the pins! I began to freak out because I really wanted to wear the watch the next day.

My crafty sister went on YouTube found this video and we were able to make my watch band smaller in less than 30 minutes. We did have to improvise because we did not have this fancy watch kit. However, we used a paperclip, a small hammer, and our dinner table.

Simple teamwork and a watch that fits. Hopefully this video will save you a trip to the jeweler.

Until next time,

Here's to always being your BEST!

August 9, 2011

Sassy summer recommendations

Summer is my favorite season! Mostly because the sun is shining, endless pool days, and summer fashions. Besides wearing simple dresses, thong sandals, and glitter lotion, I also made time to celebrate the area I live.

I was not able to take a long road trip, visit a water park, or eat an endless amount of lollipops. I did however get to enjoy a mini vacay at the White Sands National Monument, lay out at a pool, and got my fair share of sweet treats.

Meet Earth's natural exfoliate 

my one-day mini vacay

Sassy sand

uninterrupted sunset ♥
Before your summer ends I recommend to take time to enjoy being outside. There's not an age limit on who can play in the sand. Plus, we're always going to be busy, so we might as well, just have fun.

My summer sweet treat creation: rice crispy treats with rainbow sprinkles.

Brownie pan product=Amazing!

Rainbow sprinkles just make everything better

Hot and gooey

Perfect pieces every time

food styling 

If you're not able to leave your home, apartment, etc. well, make your it a place to relax by being shabby chic. Skinny Girl Margarita vase made with flowers bought from DollarTree.

Skinny Girl Margarita Vase
Take some time for yourself, don't worry about the calories, and decorate your home to make the most of this beautiful season! Most importantly, decorate your soul and not with things, but with the people you care about the most.

Stay lovely and true to yourself. Until next time,

Here's to always being your BEST!

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