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August 29, 2011

Family road trip and finding clarity

I had the opportunity to go on a family road trip this weekend. We headed to Mesa, AZ to see people that are dedicated to their health and fitness. Although, this was not the first fitness competition I have attended, I am still amazed every time!

Packing is always exciting, but I find unpacking to be a little cumbersome.
Items: pink and green polka dot duffle bag, orange reptile-scale purse, and Victoria's Secret PINK water bottle.

The trip was close to six hours. I found eating fruit-shaped lollipops as a good way to pass time, while listening to the car Ipod. I think it's good to travel in order to get away from the everyday hustle.

Made it to Arizona. At a rest stop wearing a graphic tee-shirt and gold-tinted aviators.Flying on an airplane would have been faster, but you can't see this from the plane:

Fraggle Rock!

Another thing that is exciting about new places are new food choices. I finally had the opportunity to try an In-n-Out Burger. Yummmm....delicious.

If you couldn't already guess, I was not a competitor in the competition. :) Of the female bodybuilders, one woman was 70 years old. She looked like she was in her forties and happy as ever.

Inspiration can be found anywhere. This time I found it along with some clarity on this southern dusty road trip. Now, back in the Land of Enchantment, it's time to get busy working on my personal goals.

Ah, I almost forgot to share! I started the trip with a lollipop, so I had to end with one too. Ever had a strawberry scorpion sucker?  

As always, thank you for reading.

Here's to always being your BEST!

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