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September 2, 2013

[HAIR] hot oil treatment

In the spirit of rest and relaxation, my hair needed some tender, love, and care.

1. Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil
2. Sally Beauty Applicator Bottle
3. IMUSA chocolate/water pitcher 1qt.
4. Proclaim Natural 7 olive oil
5. Hollywood Beauty Shea Oil

1. Protects from hair damage and improves appearance of hair and skin.
4. Natural botanical oils for hair, skin, and nails.
5. Helps split ends, restores moisture, fights breakage, soothes scalp, protects from weather.

Place your applicator bottle in your aluminum tin/pot of hot (not boiling) water for 2-3 minutes. 
For best results, use when hair is wet. Place your hair in a bun or braid after product is evenly dispensed. Cover with a warm towel, or processing cap for 3-5 minutes.
For optimal results, leave oils in hair overnight, rinse, and style.

Until next time,

Here's to always being your B.E.S.T!

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January 25, 2013

Snow bunny on ice

My commitment to shrinking the bucket list...

Go ice skating

I had so much fun, that I went twice! Surprisingly, I did not fall. I have to thank my parents for those pretty ivory and teal rollerblades that were under Christmas tree years ago. Oh, and the endless school field trips to the skating rink deserve to be mentioned too.

Here's how to look good even when you're freezing cold:

Carry: a wristlet for your cash, id, keys, lip balm, etc. 
Wear: a jacket, gloves, scarf, comfortable jeans
Enjoy: your hot chocolate!


  I'm finally geared up to try something new by creating a video tutorial for my look!

This year, enjoy who you are. Do not overwhelm yourself with change. Be grateful.
Wake-up everyday with a purpose. Smile. Discover your life's passion.
Catalog your journey. 

If you want a beautiful life, have a beautiful heart.

Until next time,

Here's to always being your B.E.S.T!

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April 17, 2011

My what long nails you have!

Along with my obsession with collecting tabs, I am also obsessed with healthy finger nails! It was not until I was around 20 years old that I discovered this beauty secret. Instead of being selfish I will share my process with you!

First: Buy Hair, Skin, and Nail Vitamins
Read the directions. The brand I take recommends taking three pills everyday with food and water.

$7 at Wal-Mart
Second: Strengthen your nails with clear nail polish. Sally Hansen also makes it in different colors.
Also can purchase at Wal-mart

Three: Moisture your nails with Culticle Cream Directions read: Apply a generous amount daily to nails and cuticles. It's not greasy this product is great!
Hoofer's Choice from Sally's
 Four: Have your manicure set handy. You never know when you'll get a hang nail!
Perfect size for traveling

Hopefully this same ritual works for you! Just another way to treat yourself!

Here's to always being your BEST!

April 7, 2011

I Love My Hair

I did not always love my hair. Especially on windy days or even humid days. On windy days it can turn into a lion's mane. On humid days, it can sometimes feel like a swamp on my neck. Gross! Maybe I provided too much information?

Some people have found my hair to be amazing. Like nothing they have ever seen before. Some say it's cool, neat, or cute. Lovely, I can still be cute after the age of 24! Below are some more random questions that people have commonly asked me.


1. I have been asked if my hair is real?
2. Did it get a perm?
3. How long does it take to straigten it?
4. Is it soft?


1. My hair is real, because it is attached to my head.
2. It is a lot to handle, but it is not a perm.
3. Yes, about an hour and a half.
4. Yes, but it depends on how much hairspray I use.

My hair even has a theme song! How many people can say that?

So if you have curly hair celebrate! If not, it is okay, you can still be Sassy!

Here's to always being your BEST!

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