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August 13, 2012


Officially eight months in the year...times waits for no one. The color run event that I have been training for is just around the corner. 

Quite amazing how a little sweat can help clear your mind. Help you discover what really matters, and provide some ease for life's transitions.

One of my goals for this race is to enjoy being outside with people who care about giving back to their communities. I have already put in the work, now it's time to just enjoy the world around me. 

Some insight on my preparation:

1. Weight training: 1hr 30 mins. 3-4 days a week
2. Cardio: bike, elliptical, treadmill 30min-45mins 3-4 days a week
3. Stretch after every workout
4. Post-workout protein shake
5. Track 2-3 miles 2-3times a week

Everyday is an opportunity to be better than we were yesterday. May we have more days like these and tender thoughts to guide our dreams.

Until next time,

Here's to always being your B.E.S.T!

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