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January 27, 2012


"When you meet someone better than yourself, turn your thoughts to becoming his equal. When you meet someone not as good as you are, look within and examine yourself."

Do you feel you are experiencing a series of unfortunate events?
Nothing ever goes right and the stars don't align in your favor?

Ask yourself:

Is the glass half-full or half-empty? 
What are you grateful for?
Do you manage the company you keep?
What are your strengths?
What can you improve upon?

I am not a psychologist or truly understand the intrigue parts of the human brain. I am however a champion for positivity. Bad things do happen to good people and bad things happen to not so good people. If we truly can not control what happens to us...we can control how it will affect us.

Plan for a life of positivity, hope, and happiness and see how life pays you back.

Until next time,

Here's to always being your B.E.S.T!

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