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July 9, 2011

Chocolate that's good for the soul

I'm not sure if the correlation between women and chocolate has been scientifically proven. What I do know is, that I love chocolate, anytime of the day.

Maybe I should build a higher tolerance? For now, I rather just get "chocolate wasted". What makes it even harder to resist, at least Dove Chocolate, is that it's also inspiring.

Every wrapper has an uplifting quote on the inside. Not only does it make me what to eat more chocolate, but it also makes me forget how many more minutes I'll need to add to the treadmill.

Doesn't every diet, deserve a small and sweet victory? Moderation is key!

Although, I ended up eating the entire bag over a span of two-days, I wanted share some of my sweet discoveries.

Not many products can satisfy a sweet tooth and make your soul for warm and fuzzy. I definitely had many Dove Moments.

Sayings without wrappers pictured:

"Break the mold"
"You're gorgeous"
"Feel the sun on your face"

I don't want to give them all away! Make sure to get some the next time you need a chocolate fest party of one!

Before we part, another one I would like to share:

Here's to always being your BEST!

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