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June 15, 2011

Sleeping your way to beauty

Sleep is the best meditation. ~Dalai Lama

I wish I could agree with Dalai Lama. Last night, I was tucked in bed ready to sleep and ended up laying in bed for about two more hours, before finally resting my eyes.

I woke up with enough time to make myself presentable, but I was really annoyed that I was not able go to sleep when I wanted to. Sometimes, I make warm milk with vanilla extract, and sugar to help get relax. If you decide to try the same trick, you will have to remember to brush your teeth again.

Decorate your glass of milk

My Dad use to make sweet, warm milk for me when I was a kid. My glass of milk did not have colorful sprinkles, but maybe I will add them for my next sleepless night. I am not sure if there is any proof that warm milk relaxes the mind and body, but it did conjure up some nice late night talks.

As I squirmed out of bed, I immediately turned on the sink to warm-up the water, washed my face with my Mary Kay 3-in-1 cleanser, and started to feel a little better about starting my day.

I did not feel like putting on my war paint or rather my makeup, so instead I opted to just put on my intensive moisturizer. Aww, finally getting excited about the day. As for my hair, it too resulted into a lazy pony-tail/curly ball of curiosity.

I always turn to my leggings and a tunic top when I am trying to achieve a comfy and effortless outfit. Simple, but I felt fine being seen in public.

From a previous tweet, I wrote: Today will bring new things to be happy about. Today was such a day.

As for tomorrow, I have the same hope for more positivity to shine through and for new opportunities to enter my world.

Sweet dreams sweet peas!

Here's to always being your BEST!

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