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April 6, 2011

A cake that is in a cup

Since October 2010, my sister and I have been making cupcakes monthly. Mostly to celebrate the holidays. Oh heck who am I kidding, it was to satisfy my sweet tooth! I just love how something so small can taste so good!

I choose not to count calories when eating cupcakes. It is not fair to the dessert itself. It served it's purpose to fill me up like a butter cup. Plus, who am I to discriminate a treat with such delight.

Don't you smile when you see a cupcake? Especially the miniature ones. How you can imagine just gobbling them up. I am a cupcake monster that enjoys sprinkles and buttercream icing.

These cupcakes were designed by my twin for Superbowl 2011. We decided to have a Valentine's Day themed party. We combined our love for cupid and football.
Gobble. Gobble. These were made with our niece and nephew. Spice cake with caramel icing and candy corn.
Halloween pumpkin cupcakes.

We get our inspiration from the books: Hello Cupcake and What's New Cupcake. Really great books, easy to follow instructions. I also like that the books show you how-to make house items into baking tools.

Maybe one day if you are ever in my neck of the woods, you can enjoy one of my cakes in a cup!

Here's to always being your BEST!

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