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March 27, 2011


You can keep your straight hair. I would rather have Sassy Curls!

Hi my name is Tiara. Welcome to my page. Here you can read about my ideas about current events, fashion, make-up tips, as well as finding your inner beauty.

I am really excited about the weather here in Southern New Mexico. Minus the wind, the sunshine feels so nice on my skin. My three must have items for the season: sunscreen, sunglasses, and shimmer lotion!

Sunscreen is important to keep my skin beautiful and protected. Sunglasses are great to keep those crows feet away, and shimmer lotion is just wonderful to add some bling to your skin.

When enjoying the sun, don't forget to drink lots of water! Tomorrow I will be enjoying the sun with my four-legged friends. I am a volunteer dog-walker in my community. I will post pictures soon!

Here's to always being your BEST!

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